Specialized Turnkey Solution for LPR/ANPR

The Motus is an IP-camera designed for high-speed with the highest accuracy LPR solution. It provides an unbeatable ANPR precision for commercial facilities and law enforcement applications. Built-in configurable infrared or white-light illuminator and high resolution IP-camera of the Motus provides the most accurate and reliable image quality in both day and night modes under variable weather conditions. The Motus has a thoughtfully designed unibody, motorized zoom lens and as well as waterproof enclosure with an IP67 rating.


Velox – Speed limit violations detection system

The Velox is a ready-to-use all-in-one device designed for real-time traffic violations detection and automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) of all passing vehicles. The Velox is designed to monitor road traffic and detect all violation cases 24 hours a day under any weather conditions. It includes a high quality image capturing camera, integrated power efficient illumination, processing unit for number plate recognition, automatic self-control services and remote management GUI. High-end microwave radar in combination with high resolution camera can track up to 32 vehicles simultaneously for up to 6 traffic lanes and automatically provide evidence of detected violations.


Equipment ships as ready to use all-in-one unit with limited wiring required


Vehicle Speed Detection

Built-in high-end radar tracks up to 32 vehicles simultaneously in up to 6 lanes of traffic. Captures speeding vehicles on roadways and highways


License Plate Recognition

Recognizes vehicle license plates from up to 6 lanes of traffic from a single device, providing superior ANPR precision up to 155 mph


Remote Calibration

Easy remote calibration and camera configuration adjustments


Flexible Installation

Unit provides mobile and fixed installation options


Ticketing Integration

Built-in integration capabilities to automate evidence processing by authorities and simplify ticket issuing

Crossroad — Complex Traffic Violations Detection

The Crossroad is a solution combining specifically engineered hardware and software to provide real time detection of complex types of traffic violations. The Crossroad automatically detects red light violations, stop-sign violations, wrong-way traffic detection, not following road signs, not giving way to pedestrians, and other violations with high accuracy. The Crossroad module ties detected violations to the license plate number of the vehicle.

The primary advantages:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of the situation on the roads, which allows to record all cases of violations in the area of video monitoring
  • High accuracy and sufficient set of evidence provided for each case minimize human efforts required for traffic law enforcement activities.
  • Seamless integration into Safe City video surveillance systems.
  • Traffic statistics data can be used in traffic management systems.

The Crossroad module is an edge-to-edge solution for traffic violations detection. It combines specialized ruggedized hardware components and software for high precision detection and automatic license plate recognition (ANPR). The solution is supplied with onboard processing, environmentally protected ready-to-mount cases and built-in illumination. Crossroad system is designed to monitor multiple vehicles and pedestrian behavior at crossroads or in potentially dangerous streets and automatically detect suspected traffic law violations.

Under Vehicle Surveillance System

The UVSS module is a hardware-software based system for under-vehicle surveillance. The system creates a database of high-resolution undercarriage images and recognized vehicle license plates. The UVSS module provides high-quality images of the entire width of a vehicle’s undercarriage. Moreover, it is a cost-effective and convenient solution for visual inspection of all types of vehicles: from passenger vehicles to trucks and trailers. It is a perfect solution for government, military, corporate, and transportation facilities – wherever particular vehicle monitoring is required.


  • Compact UVSS platform does not require time-consuming installation and is easy to maintain
  • Use of video analytics detectors – no need for physical devices to detect vehicle presence
  • Automatic comparison of the undercarriage image with the reference image
  • Maximum vehicle speed is up to 10 mph
  • Interoperability with a surveillance camera(s), Access Control System, barriers, traffic lights, motion control
    devices, electronic visual display boards, and more

Cargo Terminal — Visual inspection and automation of terminal gates

The Cargo Terminal module is an efficient solution for enhancing control of arriving/departing containers at terminal gates. It provides thorough visual inspection of cargo containers and control of vehicles which carry them. The Cargo Terminal module facilitates data flow processing and seamless integration with Terminal Operation Systems (TOS).

The Cargo Terminal module automatically collects and provides a full set of metadata to the TOS:

  • ISO container images for visual inspection of top and both sides
  • ISO container number and other commonly used containers codes (ILU code, Kemler / ADR reading, IMDG labels)
  • License plate number
  • RTSP video stream and ASF/AVI video clips of the container passing

Smart VideoWall


The Smart VideoWall is a hardware and software based solution for all types of video walls, which integrates into Premium, Enterprise and MCC editions. The solution consists of a video wall controller, which uses high density graphic cards which can support many LED panels by grouping them into a unified display platform. In addition, the solution includes a software component to easily manage content for the display platform. The content can consist of live and recorded video feeds, along with content from other operator workstations from remote or local locations.

The Smart VideoWall provides a complete, large-format graphical display solution with advanced decompression algorithms to simultaneously view up to 196 cameras on layouts that are customizable to each operator’s specifications. An operator can assign cameras or layouts to individual monitors or stretch them out over multiple monitors for a greater viewing/management experience.

Main Benefits

  • Very large displays capabilities
  • Highly customizable display layouts
  • Full features of VMS
  • Ideal for video walls and control rooms
  • Ease of use and reliability

Access Control Module


The ACS module provides a built-in ability to integrate any access control, fire alarm, intrusion panel, and other security systems with the VMS platform. By combining the software platform with an integrated access control system, you can create a streamlined, flexible and scalable system to effectively monitor staff and visitors.  The ACS module provides a feature-rich user interface for displaying 3rd party system events in real-time, search for events or registered users, display all devices on Maps, configured cameras to 3rd party devices and more…

POS Transaction Monitoring

The POS module is an intelligent software module for the video management platform, which links live video with transaction data from a POS system. It allows search of specific transactions and review of the exact video archive of that transaction. The POS Transaction Monitoring provides full video documentation on selected transaction IDs, item numbers, terminal numbers, employees, customers, payment details, or stores in any combination you wish. 

Cloud Storage and Hosting

Choose between local video storage (NVR/DVR systems) or our hosted cloud video recording service to find the perfect solution for your home or business.

Cancom Advanced Integration camera installations and access control solutions are state of the art cloud streaming hosted video service powered by Colosseum Online Inc, which has been in business since 1994 and is an ISO27001q2013


certified datacenter. Cancom has partnered with a variety of industry leading brands to bring the best surveillance technologies to our customers. With over 20+ years of networking and network security experience Cancom professionals are able to work with customers of any size. Our certifications ensure the best customer experience from planning, implementation, warranty and support.



Cancom is partnered with Panasonic, Axis, Bosch and Vicotek to provide high quality, durable Cameras with proven longevity and manufacturer warranty and support.



Video encoders enable an existing analog CCTV video surveillance system to be integrated with a network video system.  It enables users to gain the benefits of network video without having to discard existing analog equipment such as analog CCTV cameras and coaxial cabling. Cancom support an array of encoder products to integrate your older cctv equipment and align it with your network and network camera system.


Intrusion Systems 

Cancom supports revolutionary control panels, to our industry-leading IP alarm monitoring products and now to our sleek, contemporary self-contained wireless panels, Cancom offers an array of intrusion products and systems that integrate with all the products Cancom supports and selected for our designated security solutions.


Cancom puts forth an unbeatable combination of leading-edge technology and industry experience. The results are RELIABLE, FLEXIBLE, DURABLE security solutions of the highest QUALITY that are easy to use, and are easily UPGRADEABLE. Itʼs simple. We know this space better than anyone. And we have for over 30 years. So, when you need exceptional security products that work when it matters most, look to our experienced design team.

Fire and Life Safety Systems


With the knowledge and experience to handle all project sizes and applications Cancom can service commercial to industrial, institutional, educational and residential settings, our team provides the latest in fire protection technology, collaborating with our clents to provide budget conscious solutions that exceed industry standards.