Building a security system to meet your needs can bring peace of mind in this unpredictable world. Solving such arising protection issues with residential security could be the answer you’re looking for in the realm of home defense.

Our residential security systems go beyond expectations and can supply integrated and technology-driven solutions to any homeowner. Having reliable defense to protect loved ones, property, proprietary information or tenants is made straightforward with our team of experts on your side.

How We Protect You

Security Systems

Protection starts with hardware. Cancom Systems can enhance a current setup or provide a state-of-the-art security system. We offer a tailored strategy involving cameras, residential security guards, surveillance personnel and other means to best fit your requirements. For systems already in place, we will make the switch seamless and affordable with no disruption of services.

Alarm Response

With immediate, 24/7 response, our team is there for you when alarm bells sound. Cancom Systems employs highly qualified security operators and home security guards who know every second counts in a crisis. In the event of an emergency, a Cancom Systems security guard will physically check on you and your home to confirm everyone is truly safe and all is well.

Neighborhood Surveillance

If a high-profile and round-the-clock security presence is what you want for your community, Cancom Systems can deliver. Working throughout Toronto and Ottawa neighborhoods, our fleet of dedicated personnel drive electric, environmentally friendly vehicles and are trained to keep an eye out for suspicious activity and respond quickly when needed.

Personal Lawn Sign

Displaying a yard sign can work as a deterrent in warding off intruders. Our lawn sign is attractive, won’t detract from curb appeal, and will make your defensive capabilities known to wrongdoers.


Protecting what matters to you is a responsibility our team is ready to take on and do right.

We start with thorough evaluations of the residential property and determine a custom-made approach to best integrate our expertise into your home defense.

From entry points to areas of high sensitivity, Cancom Systems will assess the entire environment to identify and outline specific requirements for the site. Once this process is complete, our experts will determine the level of security necessary to provide the soundest and most cost-effective solutions possible.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a representative about our services, please contact us today.