Cargo – Container Number Recognition

The SecurOS Cargo video analytics module is designed for recognizing ISO codes from cargo containers at port entrances. The module is capable of capturing codes printed horizontally or vertically from above, back and either side of a container. The Cargo module integrates with cargo management processes at ports, intermodal, and logistics centers, and can dramatically improve throughput and turnaround time, reduce liability, and be utilized to better locate and track containers in large facilities.


Transit – Train Carriage and Cargo Number Recognition

The Transit video analytics module that provides character number recognition of carriages, tankers, and platforms on trains. It is an effective tool for registration of railway vehicles at shunting-yards, customs terminals, railroad hubs, and also for the control of containers and deliveries to industrial enterprises and warehouses.



Situational Video Analytics

The Tracking video analytics module that provides a suite of advanced video analytics detectors designed to increase situational awareness for operators. The Tracking Kit detectors streamline operator efficiencies by not requiring constant monitoring of controlled areas; improving event processing, monitoring/controlling several locations without impacting the security staff.

Tracking Kit includes the following detectors:


  • Object Left Behind – detects objects/packages left behind
  • Loitering – detects people moving within a controlled area during a long period of time
  • Crowd – detects large groups of people in open areas and premises providing an early warning of public unrest and disorder
  • Intrusion – detects objects that intersect the perimeter of a restricted area
  • Object Counter – detects and counts objects that intersect a control line (e.g., people, vehicles)
  • Running – detects people moving at a speed exceeding a predefined value
  • Dwell Time – detects objects in a defined zone that remain beyond a duration threshold
  • Line Crossing – detects objects that cross from one side of a specified line to another
  • Wrong Direction – detects objects that moves in a direction that is outside the defined trajectory zone