About Us
A First Nations Owned Company.
Cancom Advanced Integration is a First Nations owned Canadian Security systems company established in 2008 that provides quality solutions with Total Quality Service at the core of our company culture. Our clients are our top priority with a delivery model that captures the best interest of the client, the design, installation, maintenance, timelines and cost certainty. Our model is proven and achieves the desired outcome with the required support seeing project to completion and after completion with ongoing systems education for the end users. Cancom’s values are aligned with our clients priorities in providing quality products, solutions, safety and lower liability.
Our operations focus on efficiency ensuring the team encompasses all necessary personnel appointed to a project. All team members understand that the goal is to carry the design from consultation to completion getting it right the first time. Cancom Security is home to the industries elite security professionals with backgrounds in security systems, military engineer design, policing and loss prevention. Our clients have confidence in our team members and process.
Cancom Provides Enterprise solutions, IP based security and scales to the size of any organization. Our highly trained security technician team and manufactured certified on all the products we support, install and maintain. Cancom’s dedicated staff are located across Canada for service guarantee, monitoring and support for our customers.